Websites I like

What I should read next – Type the name of your favourite book and it will recommend similar books for you to read.

Shopbop – Great site to pick up a designer bargain.  Shipping is international and free and super quick too.

Amazon – I am starting to like this more than ebay because I feel more protected buying things on here.  Not usually as cheap as ebay, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered with auctions and for those times Amazon is awesome.

Ravelry – A knitting and crocheting community.  You can find lots of free patterns on there.

Busuu – A language community.  Great for those wanting to learn a new language.

Sheinside – Shopping site with lots of affordable trendy clothes etc. – For my sewers out there.

Le Point du FLE – Another good site for those wanting to learn French. – Another one for sewing.  It is the German leg of the Myfabrics site. Check out their sales for some great deals on fabrics.

Digital dialects – Play online games to help you learn a language. – Expensive if you buy full price but there are some pretty good deals in the sales – designer items for less


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