What I did with my December

December consisted mainly of me being on holiday…..holiday that was much needed!  I went back to Jamaica after many years and it was amazing to say the least.  I caught up with old family, met the new and got to enjoy a lot of Jamaica.

It was basically a 3 week holiday of eating, beaches and family.  Being there made me realise two things, 1) how much I miss the island and 2) how much I miss having my family around me all the time.  I know everyone is biased towards family, but honestly my family is the best!  They give the hugs, laughs and love like no other!  I cannot wait to go back and see them.

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Before I sign off, a few tips for anyone going to Jamaica:

1) If you intend to use your bank card at the ATM there, make sure you check that your card actually works.  I didn’t and realised that when I tried to withdraw cash.  Lucky for me, I’d taken a second card just in case.

2) The party scene is quite good.  I didn’t see much, but what I saw made me love it!  I went to I love soca and big cups.  If you are there for these, you should definitely check them out!

3) If you don’t want to spend all your time in one place, just book your ticket on the Knutsford express and you could spend a few days in Kingston or Negril if you fancy.


Trip to Croatia (part 5)

Friday was our last full day in Croatia.  On this day we visited Italy and Slovenia.

We started with Italy as it was the furthest away.  We went to this beautiful town called Trieste.  I had my prosecco fix and my gelato fix.  Gelato is one of the things I am happy to suffer for when it comes to dairy.  It’s just so good!  Once you have gelato, normal ice cream just seems meh.

We had a wander around Trieste and then it was time to head to Slovenia.  Our first stop was a town called Koper.  We had some lunch in Koper and then we did a bit of wandering before heading on to Porto Rosso which is another Slovenian town.  There we did some wandering along the very long promenade and then found a lovely beach bar to have a drink, people watch and catch a bit of the sun.  I really liked the look of Porto Rosso.  I think i’d love to go back there and see it properly.

If you want to see more photos from our trip, head over to my friend Beerfoodie’s blog.

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After Porto Rosso, we headed back to Pula for dinner.  We decided to go back to our favourite beach bar one last time.  When we got there, the kitchen had stopped serving food, but the waiter went back and spoke to the chef who agreed to take our order.  We had a few drinks and then headed back to our apartment.  When we got there, our lovely landlord met us as we were going up the stairs.  He wanted to tell us what lovely guests we’d been and offer us a free night stay.  Sadly we could not accept as we had a flight the next day.

On the Saturday, we decided to head to Pula city centre to do some sightseeing.  There is an Roman amphitheatre there that we wanted to see and we also wanted to have a general look around as we had not yet done that.  We also decided to have some lunch there.  That lunch was the only blight on what was otherwise a pretty good holiday.  So with this I will end on some advice.  If you stay in Pula, the food is better if you do not eat in the city centre.  Both times we ate in the centre, I was not really impressed.  Head about 30 mins out to the Day and Night restaurant bar or to the yacht at the marina and you will get far better food at a pretty good price.

Trip to Croatia (part 4)

We had a really sunny day on the wednesday, so we decided to take a break from all the sightseeing and just find a beach to take it easy and sunbathe.  We found a lovely spot not too far from the Day and night bar and spent our afternoon soaking up the rays on our very own private bit of beach.

After, we decided to head to the day and night bar to grab a late lunch. After some nice food and a few hours of beer and wine drinking, we headed back to the apartment to take it easy and watch some English tv.

Thursday morning, we decided to use as a do what you want in the morning followed by a bit of exploring in the afternoon.  I chose to have a lie in.  In the afternoon we went to see the baredine cave which was about a 30 – 40 minute drive from Pula.   It was my first time inside a cave and besides the frog at the entrance scaring me and almost making me change my mind about going down, I really enjoyed it.  It was lovely to see all the things I had studied in Geography back in school up close.

After our trip to the caves, we decided to head home to get dressed up and head to a restaurant our friend had seen on one of her morning runs.  We think it was a yacht club restaurant.  It looked very fancy and we were expecting to pay through the nose for our meal, but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the menu.  There weren’t a lot of options to choose from.  I thought this was great because it meant that what they did do, they would do well.  Which turned out to be very true.  Everything was delicious!

They were also kind enough to even make me an off the menu dessert.  All their options had dairy and when I explained to the waiter that I was lactose intolerant, he immediately went to the kitchen and came back with a dairy free alternative.  They made me a dessert ravioli in an apricot sauce.  It was delicious.  However, it was not fully dairy free as it was filled with cheese.  Seems that in Croatia, no milk does not translate to no cheese haha.  I still commend them for trying to accommodate me and it wasn’t too much cheese, so I was ok.  If I ever go back to Pula, I would most definitely visit that restaurant again.  The staff were wonderful, the food was very good and I had a lovely view to look at.

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