Quick and easy pho

I woke up yesterday with a crazy craving for some pho.  Of course I did what every sane person does in such circumstances and immediately started searching on Pinterest for a recipe that even an imbecile like me could not mess up! Pinterest didn’t give me the recipe I wanted, but I did find this very quick and easy recipe via Google.  

This was so easy that anyone could do it!  It took me about 30 mins including prep time and most of that was waiting (impatiently) for the broth to be ready.

I modified mine to suit my tastes.  So instead of cans of chicken stock, I used chicken stock cubes added directly to the broth and I bought carpaccio beef so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting my beef sliced thinly enough.  

I’m sure that now I know how easy this is to make, it will become a staple in my cooking repertoire!



Mackerel salad

For the past week, I’ve been really craving a salad. Today, I finally has time to go to the supermarket and get the ingredients to make one.

This salad is really easy to do and is very tasty.

To make it you will need:
– Chinese lettuce
– Cherry tomatoes
– Cucumber
– Bell pepper
– Avocado
– Horseradish
– Smoked mackerel
– Honey and mustard salad dressing

To prepare:

– take a few leaves of the lettuce, chop and put in a bowl
– cut a few cherry tomatoes in half and place in the bowl
– cut the cucumber and peppers into cubes (or whatever shape you like) and place in the bowl
– thinly slice a few of the horseradish and place in the bowl.
– peel and cube half the avocado and place in the bowl.
-pour the salad dressing in, toss an plate up.
– add the smoked mackerel on top and voila! Your salad is ready to be eaten.


Simple vanilla cake

I was craving cake, but as per usual on a Sunday, I didn’t want to leave my apartment to go and buy one. So I decided to make one instead.

I found this really easy recipe on google for vanilla cake and decided to give it a go. I made mine with soya milk. It turned out quite well considering this is the first time I have made a cake from scratch, and it tastes pretty darn good if I do say so myself.