Trip to Croatia (part 5)

Friday was our last full day in Croatia.  On this day we visited Italy and Slovenia.

We started with Italy as it was the furthest away.  We went to this beautiful town called Trieste.  I had my prosecco fix and my gelato fix.  Gelato is one of the things I am happy to suffer for when it comes to dairy.  It’s just so good!  Once you have gelato, normal ice cream just seems meh.

We had a wander around Trieste and then it was time to head to Slovenia.  Our first stop was a town called Koper.  We had some lunch in Koper and then we did a bit of wandering before heading on to Porto Rosso which is another Slovenian town.  There we did some wandering along the very long promenade and then found a lovely beach bar to have a drink, people watch and catch a bit of the sun.  I really liked the look of Porto Rosso.  I think i’d love to go back there and see it properly.

If you want to see more photos from our trip, head over to my friend Beerfoodie’s blog.

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After Porto Rosso, we headed back to Pula for dinner.  We decided to go back to our favourite beach bar one last time.  When we got there, the kitchen had stopped serving food, but the waiter went back and spoke to the chef who agreed to take our order.  We had a few drinks and then headed back to our apartment.  When we got there, our lovely landlord met us as we were going up the stairs.  He wanted to tell us what lovely guests we’d been and offer us a free night stay.  Sadly we could not accept as we had a flight the next day.

On the Saturday, we decided to head to Pula city centre to do some sightseeing.  There is an Roman amphitheatre there that we wanted to see and we also wanted to have a general look around as we had not yet done that.  We also decided to have some lunch there.  That lunch was the only blight on what was otherwise a pretty good holiday.  So with this I will end on some advice.  If you stay in Pula, the food is better if you do not eat in the city centre.  Both times we ate in the centre, I was not really impressed.  Head about 30 mins out to the Day and Night restaurant bar or to the yacht at the marina and you will get far better food at a pretty good price.


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