Trip to Croatia (part 3)

Before we had headed to Croatia, one of our Italian friend’s mom had kindly sent a list of places that were close to Pula which she thought was worth a visit.

On that list, she recommended that we have a look at Porec to see the Euphrasian Basilica.  She also recommended a trip to Rovinj, which was another town which was not too far away from Porec.  We decided to do both towns on the same day.  Our first stop was Porec.  We thought we would get the culture out of the way in the morning and then spend the rest of our day eating and drinking and just doing general sightseeing. If you go to the basilica, make sure you are suitably covered.  I wore shorts, but my arms and shoulders were fully covered.

After visiting the basilica, we decided to check out a rooftop bar we had spied on the way there.  This bar was amazing for the views it gave.  We had also planned to have lunch there, but my obsession with having lobster whilst in Croatia meant it was vetoed for lunch and we decided to head into Rovinj for a bit of a wander and some food.

When we got to Rovinj, they were putting up the stands for the Redbull air race which would take place that weekend.  It meant that all the bars that looked out onto the waterfront there had these atrocious work area blocking the lovely sea.  As we wanted lunch with a view, we decided to keep walking in the hopes of finding a cute square to sit, eat and people watch.  Instead what we found was a lovely marina with lots of lovely restaurants and bars!  A hidden gem that we would never have found if we had not kept on walking.  We picked a restaurant that looked good and took a seat.

Whilst eating, we spotted a sign advertising sunset tours on a glass bottom boat.  We decided that if it was still open after dinner, we would go for a tour.  We made it just in time!  It was a lovely tour and allowed us to see a bit more of the Rovinj coastline whilst also doing a bit of fish spotting (although I saw more sea cucumbers than anything else!).  After we found a bar to while away the rest of our time before heading back to Pula.

On the way back, we decided to find a local place that sold wine so we could stock up on some wine for the evening.  We came across this lovely roadside shack where the owners made their own wine, sausages and cheese.  All of which they happily allowed us to taste.  After tasting, we decided to get some wine, cheese and some of the gorgeous sausage.  They then to our surprise threw in another bottle of wine entirely free for us.  They were lovely and if you ever find yourself heading from or to Rovinj, I’d recommend you make a stop there.  If you’re coming from Rovinj, it’s on your right, just after the petrol station.  If you are heading to Rovinj, it’ll be on your left.

After buying our wine etc.  We headed home with a quick stop at the supermarket to get some supplies to make dinner, watch some tv and drink wine.  It was a good call as we were shattered!

If you want to see more photos from our trip, head over to my friend Beerfoodie’s blog.

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