Trip to Croatia (part 1)

Two of my friends and I recently went to Pula, Croatia for a week long holiday. It was not my first time in Croatia, but it was my first time in Pula.

This city did not disappoint with it’s beauty or the friendliness of it’s people……or the price! Our flights, accommodation and car hire came to less than 300 euros each. I then spent another 300 or so whilst I was there. Not bad considering I ate like a queen every day! Hey I was by the sea and to say I love seafood would be an understatement!

We arrived in Pula at around 6:30pm on the Saturday, picked up our hire car and headed to our apartment for the week. We had a few issues finding the apartment because someone (me) did not check their GPS to make sure it actually had a map of Croatia.

However, we eventually made it and were greeted by our super lovely landlord who took our bags upstairs and showed us around our home for the week. We had decided to forego staying in a hotel for an apartment because it was cheaper and we liked the idea of having somewhere to make meals if we wanted to.

Our first night was pretty quiet. We went out to try and find somewhere to have dinner. We found a lovely restaurant just around the corner from our apartment and decided to eat there. At the time we thought the prices were pretty cheap, but I think it was the most expensive meal we had all week…..still cheap by Luxembourg standards though. I think mine came to 30 euros with tip. Yes that includes drinks!

Our second day, we decided to explore Pula. We ended up finding a really nice lounge bar a stone’s throw from the beach to have lunch and take in the view. If you’re ever in Pula, I highly recommend this bar. The food is really good and the staff give you service with a smile and are very attentive.

After lunch, we decided to check out the beach and enjoy some sun before heading into the centre to do more exploring and have some food. We went to a restaurant that came recommended by trip advisor but I have totally forgotten the name. Probably because the meal wasn’t on par with the lunch I had. So it didn’t stick out for me.

Then it was home to relax, watch some English tv, which is a bit of a luxury if you’re from Luxembourg where the news channel may be the only English tv you get on cable.

If you want to see more photos from our trip, head over to my friend Beerfoodie’s blog.


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