Tip for stretching patent leather heels

I’m going to a ball in a few weeks and I really have my heart set on wearing my red Via Spiga daffodil heels. Slight problem though. I haven’t broken them in yet and they’re still tight.

My lovely friends gave me lots of tips on how I could stretch them a bit. One tip which I decided to try was to put some thick socks on and blast the dryer over them for about 5 mins. It seems to have worked because they do feel a bit more comfortable.

Now for step 2….practicing walking in them without looking like Bambi on ice! They’re 5.5 inch heels. I have only recently been brave enough to go that high. So I’m still adjusting and on top of that, I’m more of a night out, heel wearing gal. Day to day, I’m more comfortable rocking my flats.

P.s. Because I have no shame, here’s a picture of me sporting this sock and heel combo. I think my socks are rather fetching to be honest 😁.



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