Trip to Achouffe brewery

I have to admit that it took a bit of convincing to get me to agree to this.  It was on a Sunday!  For me Sunday is a day of rest and I loathe having to do much that requires me leaving my apartment.  However, as this involved drinking beer and I like beer….a lot!  I decided it was worth the sacrifice.

We set off at around 11am for the drive to the brewery.  We were meant to set off at 10:30 but some people didn’t pay attention to our meeting time and were late. That’s usually me, but as I was actually on time for once, I feel it is my duty to make them feel bad about being late haha.  The brewery is about an hour by car from Luxembourg city, so it wasn’t a long drive.  Our tour was due to start at 12pm and we arrived with a few minutes to spare despite the later than planned start.

We had a quick look around the shops to earmark what we intended to buy and then it was time for the tour.  The tour started with a cute video explaining the history of the brewery, how they brew the beer etc.  Our tour was in French (I did pick up an English guide to read for the bits I missed).  You can have an English tour, but it is only available one day per week on a week day.  So for us that was not an option.

After the tour, the very knowledgeable guide gave us a very detailed history of the brewery and more information about how the different beers are brewed.  I have to admit I only half paid attention to this bit, as it was a lot of information to take in and at that point, I was just wondering when we’d get to the bit where I get to taste the beer.  That is the reason I’d agreed to go after all!

I was under the impression we would only be given two beers to try as part of the tour, however, we actually got 4 beers to try!  We got the La Chouffe (blonde beer) , Mc Chouffe (unfiltered dark beer), N’Ice Chouffe (strong dark beer) and the Houblon chouffe (Indian Pale ale) .  I’m not complaining though, as it was a very nice surprise.  I liked them all but for me, the N’Ice was  the winner of the day.

There is a restaurant at the brewery that we intended to try, however, it was full and as there were 3 lots of people ahead of us waiting to get a table, we decided it would be best to drive to Bastogne (about a 10 minute drive from La Chouffe) and find a restaurant there to grab some food.

If you’re ever close to visit I would highly recommend this tour.  It’s in a nice setting and you get to drink nice beers at the end, and all for the bargain price of 9 euros per person.  For details on how to book a tour, check out their website here.

I’ll leave you with a few photos from my visit.

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