Recipe – chorizo pasta

Contrary to the title, no I did not make my own pasta and add chorizo to the mix.  I’ll leave the pasta making up to the Italians.  This is just something I whipped up quickly for dinner earlier this week.  As is custom, I forgot to take a photo of the food.  I assure you that it was very tasty though.

This is a very quick recipe.  This came about partly out of tiredness and laziness.  I work long hours during the week, so when I get home, the last thing I want to do is spend a long time cooking.  I literally just grabbed some things from the cupboard and fridge that wouldn’t take long to cook.  This is how I ended up with these ingredients staring up at me.  As you probably know by now, I don’t measure.  I just know by eye roughly how much will be enough.  So this recipe will not have quantities.  If you make too much, you can just have it as a salad the next day anyway.

You will need:

– wholemeal penne pasta

– chorizo sausage

– green beans

– frozen mixed peas and baby carrots

– olive oil

To cook this:

– start by cooking your desired quantity of pasta following the instructions on the packet.

– whilst the pasta is cooking, cut your desired amount of chorizo into small cubes

– Once the pasta is cooked, drain and leave it to sit to one side

– pour a small amount of olive oil into a wok or large frying pan and add the green beans, frozen peas and baby carrots to the pan

– stir for about 2 mins and then add the cubed chorizo

– stir for a couple of mins until the beans are cooked and add the pasta.

– toss together and once piping hot, remove the pan from the heat and then plate up

That really is it.  No fuss and minimal effort.  Just what you need for those lazy nights when cooking seems like such a chore.


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