13 goals for 2013 – how did I do?

You’ve probably forgotten by now about this post, but if not, this is how I fared against the 13 goals I set myself way back in the now distant January.  Gosh this year has flown!

1. Continue learning French – I’m happy to report that yes I am still learning French.  I passed my level 2 and moved up to level 3 in October.  With a bit of luck and work, this time next year I should be on level 5 (advanced intermediate level for anyone wondering).

2. Eat more fruit and nuts – This has not gone as well as I planned.  Fruit is just so darn expensive!  It means I tend to just eat the usual boring stuff and I’m yet to find a nut I love as much as cashew nuts…perhaps pecan nuts?

3. Exercise more – This has gone well.  I trained for and did a 10km run in April in 1 hr 20 (not the best time, but hey I did it!).  I did a few hikes in summer and right now I’m doing the 30 day shred DVD.  I plan to carry this on in 2014.

4. Read more – I read a bit more, but not as much as I would have liked.  Between French lessons, work and making time for friends, there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit it all in sometimes.  Most of my reading has been profession or study related and very little fun reading.

5. Wear all the shoes I own at least once during the year – I didn’t even come close and now there are even more shoes that have been added to the collection.  Perhaps next year I will do this…..

6. Wear makeup more often –  I tried doing this, but to be honest, I just don’t have the patience to be a 7 days a week kinda makeup wearing girl.  I prefer makeup for nights out and special occasions.  If it’s just a regular day, I’d rather the extra time in bed.  Plus wearing makeup everyday makes my skin break out…it needs time to breathe.  Another reason I don’t mind being sans makeup is because I love the impact of the transformation when I do wear makeup.

7.  Wear heels to work more often –  I’m still trying with this one.  The carpeted floors of my office are working against me on this though.

8. Dress up more when I go out instead of just going for the old staple of jeans and a smart top – If by “dress up” you mean leggings instead of jeans then yes I have totally achieved this goal!  If you mean wear cute dresses and heels, then nope!  Kinda hard to dress up like that when most of my nights out have just been to pubs though, so I don’t feel I should feel bad about not reaching this goal.

9. Save enough to buy a car –  I have a car.  She’s called Pamela or Pam for short.  At the moment we have a love/hate relationship as I’m still getting used to driving her.  Not her fault….if you remember my post about having an accident (skier’s thumb), well that accident meant I wasn’t allowed to drive for almost 3 months as I had surgery on my thumb and had a cast for 2 months and then needed physio to get movement back.  As I only had full use of one hand, I wasn’t allowed to drive.  Poor Pam was sat in the garage.  I was only given the all clear to drive her at the end of November, so we’re getting to know each other at the moment.

10. Own a pair of Louboutins –  I debated buying a pair in summer, but instead I used the cash to get myself 3 pairs of shoes from other designers.  Owning a pair is still on my list of goals, but it’s more on the bottom.  I won’t buy one just for the sake of owning a pair.  When I see the pair I am absolutely in love with, then I will invest in a pair.

11. Sort out my nuisance of a skin by finally becoming acne free – This is a work in progress.  However, I made lots of progress this year.

12. Keep my hair healthy and get a couple of inches of length – This goal went well.  It’s a rolling goal though, so it’ll always be on the list.

13. To be happy and take pleasure in the little things – Another rolling goal that I feel I did well with.  During the year, I had a lot of laughs with old friends and made some new friends along the way.


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