Hiking in Trier, Germany

My friend invited me to go hiking with her on Tuesday.  It was predicted to be good weather and this particular hiking trail is one of my favourites.

It is a favourite because it has a pub where you can get schnitzel and beer.  That’s my sort of hike!  Usually we would hike the 6km to the pub, have lunch and a beer and then hike the 6km back.  It sounds long, but when you are hiking in stunning scenery, you really don’t notice.

This time however, as I am still not better, we decided to go for a more manageable 5km hike.  We parked at the car park not far from the pub and did our hike before heading to the pub for some schnitzel and a well earned beer.  A perfect way to end a hike in my opinion.  If you want to learn more about this hiking trail, check out this website.  We usually hike along the trail that is close to Ramstein castle as this is where the pub is, but as you can see, the trail is much bigger than this.

Here are some snaps I took during my hike…..

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