Mebook reader

I love this e-reader so much.  I thought I’d share, because in my opinion, this is a good value for money product for those who want an e-reader but don’t want to fork out a small fortune buying one.

I’ve had it for a few years now and I honestly cannot fault it.  I was not looking for anything fancy or expensive, so when I saw it I thought it was too much of a bargain not to buy it.  I think I paid £35 from Amazon with delivery.  It comes in two colours (black or white) and has a 7 inch screen and 4gb memory.  For more details on the Mebook product specifications, check out one of the Amazon sellers.

Mine also came with a case, USB cable and a plug.  The case is very sturdy and has protected mine well.  The plug on the other hand is a little flimsy and broke very quickly.  I just use my USB cable to charge it.  If you have a USB adaptor plug, you can use that with the cable to charge it from the mains or you can plug the cable into your laptop or PC to charge it that way.

In terms of battery life, this is good.  It lasts about 8 hrs when fully charged.  I cannot tell you what it is like as a media player because I bought it for the sole purpose of reading.  As an e-reader, I find it very easy to use and having so many options of reader formats means that I am not limited as to where I can get my books from.

The only time I had any problems (not the fault of the reader) was when I bought a book from Kobo.  I did not realise that it would only upload books bought from them to their product.   I had to first convert it to PDF, save it onto my PC and then upload it.  That was a faff but nothing I couldn’t cope with.

White option

Black option



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