Sewing ideas

The weather has been terrible lately and I’ve been bored.  When I’m bored, I tend to get crafty and with the purchase of a sewing machine, I’ve been trawling the internet for a few patterns to get me started on some sewing projects.

There’s the small matter of having to acquire materials for these projects, but I figured if I decided what I would be doing, then the fabric choices would be easier.

So far I’ve found a few projects that looks simple enough for a novice to do.  If you want to give them a try, these are the ones I am planning to attempt at some point.  If they turn out well I might blog and if not, we’ll just pretend I never mentioned making them.

So here’s what i’ll hopefully be making…….

Simple skirt

I will be following this pattern from my friend’s blog Lead with the hips to make a simple skirt. She made a midi, but I just want a simple knee-length skirt. I find that for me, skirts look better on the knee, above or in maxi length because I’m a shorty.

Poncho dress

This is a pattern for a top, but she also advises that you can use the same pattern to make a dress (which is what i intend to do). I just need to find the perfect fabric. To see the pattern, visit the Vivat Veritas blog

T-shirt dress

This looks to be a very simple project and would be a perfect summer dress. To find out how to make this, visit the Trinkets in bloom blog


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