Summer fashion lusts

Summer lusts
Summer is all about colour for me.  The brighter the better is my motto when it comes to my summer wardrobe.  These are some of the things that are on my current lust list.
I don’t necessarily want these exact same items.  This is to give an idea of the styles I want……
Skater dress – I think they’re very flattering.  It would be great to have one very similar to this in my summer wardrobe.  It is the sort of thing that I could dress up or down.
Denim shorts – Every summer wardrobe needs a pair of shorts.  I love the colour of these.  This colour would look great against my skin tone.
Playsuit – I like playsuits because they are easy.  This one reminds me of summers and holidays.
Trapeze top –  I love the simplicity of the style of this top.  It’s one of those items that you could wear during the day or on a night out.
Maxi dress – For some reason this summer I’ve gotten it in my head that I really want a  stripe maxi dress.  I love the shape of this and it is exactly the sort of striped maxi I had in mind when I pictured myself wearing it in summer.
Wedge heels –  I am short, so a bit of height is always appreciated.  I love the colour of these wedges because they’re bright.  You could do a bit of colour clashing with your outfit if you’re brave or tone it down and wear a simple outfit and it would still look great.
Quirky heels – In case you hadn’t clicked by now, I like bright things.  When I saw these shoes I was drawn to them like a magpie.
Tote bag – I love the colour of this tote.  I also quite like the style of this tote and will be trying to find one that is very similar.
For those who want the exact items in the photo, here is where you can find them….

Wyatt v neck dress

Tribal dress
$29 –

Cap sleeve top
$69 –

Racerback top
$30 –



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