My new toy

Well it’s not new.  I bought it about two months ago but I have only opened it to have a play this week.

What you ask is this new toy?  Well, it’s a sewing machine.  It’s nothing fancy.  Just a Tristar SM-6000.

I bought it because it had decent Amazon reviews and it wasn’t expensive.  I paid something like EUR 56 for it (with free delivery).

On a whole I have found this machine to be quite easy to get used to.  It’s a very simple machine.  That is the reason I bought it.  I did not want something with too many buttons that would confuse me.  It is also very light and for a machine that is meant to be a normal size, it is actually compact and can be easily stored away.  I think it saves on space by not having all the bulky bits at the bottom where a draw would be to store your things.

The reason I decided to invest in a sewing machine was a simple one, I wanted to be able to have my maxi dresses and jeans fit me.  I’m short (5ft 1 if you’re wondering), so most things (unless purchased from the kids section) are too long for me.  Paying someone to alter clothes is expensive!  I had a friend who paid EUR 45 to alter a maxi dress that she only bought for EUR 30.  With prices like that, I figured it’d be cheaper to buy a sewing machine and do it myself.

I know the basics of how to operate a sewing machine because my mom sews and ever since I can remember, she has always owned one.  However, this is my first attempt at trying to have a go on one myself.  So far I’ve broken two needles and bent two.  I can’t even blame the machine.  It was all on me, but hey ho!  You learn from your mistakes.

If you want to buy this machine, check out Amazon.

Quick summary of the features

10 built-in stitch patterns

speed control via foot pedal

sew forward and reverse

9 tension levels

glare free lamp

thread cutter

stitched with twin needle

double spool winder


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