How I store my makeup

As I previously posted about storage ideas, I thought I’d show you guys how I store my makeup. Most of the things I use are fairly inexpensive. I used normal household items and not necessarily storage made specifically for makeup (except the makeup case of course).


This is all the makeup in all its glory.









The little tub has my lipsticks. It is just a plastic picnic cup which I bought at the supermarket for a couple of euros for a pack of 5. The lipsticks are turned so that I can see what colours they are, which makes the selection process easier as I don’t have to take them all out to find the colour I want.

This is a jewellery box that i have decided to use to keep small things like cotton buds in. I bought it from a local shop when I lived in the UK. I also store my hair pins in one of the draws. So not strictly makeup in that one.



I bought the silver desk tidy from Ikea. I thought it would be perfect to store my brushes.

The little black bag in between has my kabuki brush.  It came in the bag and as it would get lost in the desk tidy, I thought it would be better to just display it as is.

Beside it is just another picnic cup with my lip glosses and lip liners.

At the bottom are two of my eyeshadow palettes that were too big to fit inside the makeup case.



My makeup case has all the other items I use (blush, powders, foundations etc.). This is probably the thing that was the most expensive of my storage items but it was definitely worth it as it’s perfect. It means I don’t have a dressing table full of products.  If you want to buy a similar case, check out Amazon or ebay.


4 thoughts on “How I store my makeup

    • You should! It’s so much nicer being able to see what you have and not have to search for what you want 🙂

      There’s lots of things you probably already have that could be used….old shoe boxes with a bit of wrapping paper over it to make it pretty or empty candle holders for brushes perhaps :).

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