Beauty tips i’ve learned over the years

1. Use the right products for your skin.  I am not talking about brands.  I am talking about making sure that if you have oil prone skin, you don’t use products that are targeted at dry skin for example.  This could just exasperate your skin

2. Always remove makeup before bed.  I use Bioderma because I find that face wipes make my skin break out.

3. Use an SPF moisturiser…even in winter.  Just because it may not be as sunny in winter does not mean that your skin is not proned to sun damage.  Make sure that you protect your skin.

4. Get enough sleep.  I find  that if I am tired, it really shows up in my skin.  My skin looks dull and I seem to get more breakouts.  If I see that is happening, I make sure that I go to bed earlier so I can get my full 8 hours and after a few days my skin starts looking better.

5. Drink enough water.  I think that one is self explanatory but in case it’s not, water helps to keep you and your skin hydrated

6. Keep active.  Exercise helps to get rid of toxins in your body

7. Eat healthy. I am a believer in everything in moderation, so I am not saying cut anything out.  What I am saying is that in order to have healthy skin, you need to ensure that you eat the right things to benefit your skin.  As the old saying goes, you are what you eat.  So if you put junk in your body all the time, your skin will show it.

8. Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips. You don’t need to buy a fancy product to do this, a bit of brown sugar mixed with olive oil will work just as well and won’t cost a fortune.

9. Don’t apply foundation immediately after primer. Leave it about 5 mins before applying foundation.

10. Apply lip balm before your favourite lipstick to avoid dry feeling lips. Leave it for about 5 mins before you apply the lipstick.

11. Using a damp foundation brush to apply makeup will give a better finish.  It’ll also mean you use less foundation.

12. Always set your foundation.  It will make it last longer


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