Lush haul

I decided to pop into town yesterday to get a few things from Lush.  I only intended to go in and get the R&B hair moisturiser and a few toner tablets.

Instead I came out with 80 euros worth of stuff!  The thing I find with Lush is that I can never just go in and go back out with just what I intended.  The smells and all the lovely things in there just appeal to me too much.  I swear the sales assistants see me coming and they can see the money sign over my head haha!

I don’t actually think the amount I spent is too bad.  I only go in maybe 3 times per year and when I buy things from there, it lasts a long time.  Also, I know the products are good and I get value for money, so it’s worth it in my opinion.

Anyway, enough of my nattering.  Here is what I bought……

Top-bottom, L-R – Rafistoleur conditioner (I believe this is called “retread” on the English sites), Retour dans le droit chemin shampoo (I believe this is called “rehab” on the English sites), Des yeux de biche eye cream ( I believe this is called “enchanted eye cream” on the English site) and R&B hair moisturiser (it’s called the same on the English site).

This is what R&B and Rafistoleur looks like.  The first photo is of R&B and the second is Rafistoleur (they smell gorgeous!).

image image

I also bought a few toner tabs (and got some samples)
Top to bottom, L-R – Steam dreams toner tab, kryptonique toner tab, Mr punch soap (sample received with purchase) and En paix massage bar (sample received with purchase).

If you are searching for “en paix” on the English site this is called “peace”.  I tried to find the “kryptonique” tab on the English site but I couldn’t.  I think it might be the “tea tree” toner tab but I am not 100% sure.  It does look the same though.  The other items are called the same I believe.

Here are the pictures of what the products look like.  They are in the order that they were listed in the photo description.

image imageimage


If you do not have a Lush shop near you, you can also order online. Visit the Lush site to see if they deliver to your country.


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