Sephora haul

I went into town to pick up some buttons for the baby cocoon I made for my friend’s baby.  It’s not far from Sephora, so I thought as I was already there, I may as well pop in and try out the HD foundation to see which shade would work best for me.  As is usual, I ended up buying a few things whilst there.

I can never just pop into Sephora and leave with what I intended to get.  I always end up buying more.  That’s why I usually avoid going in unless it’s for something specific because if I went in every day, I’d have no money left!

I didn’t buy the foundation.  I wanted to see how the test that I did looked in the light of day.  I tried both shades that the site I found said were similar to MAC NC45 (173). I also tried number 170 which is recommended as similar to MAC NC40 as I am somewhere in between these shades.

After seeing them in natural light, I think either would work as a substitute for my MAC.  However, of the two, I preferred 170 as I thought it blended better.  173 was a bit too yellow for my liking (incidentally this is also my gripe with the MAC).  I think the HD foundation is slightly thicker than my MAC.  This is not a huge concern for me.  As long as I remember not to use too much I’m sure it’ll be fine. As I’m in between shades, I may buy both and mix them to make the shade that is right for me.

Anyway, enough chatter about the foundation that I didn’t buy but will.  On to what I did buy………

Pro lesson palette

imageIgnore the fact that it says green eyes on the box and just concentrate on the colours.  How gorgeous are they?!

I was planning to get these colours from MAC on my next trip back to the UK (if you ever see someone doing a mad shopping spree dash in the MAC at duty free at Gatwick airport, it might be me.I get a bit over excited and want to buy everything.).

Now I don’t have to and the best bit is that it cost me less than it would to build a MAC palette with these colours.

It was only €26.90 and it comes with instructions on how to create a neutral look and a smokey eye look.  I know this is the palette they recommend for green eyes, but I personally think that these colours will suit my brown eyes very well.


Colour reveal lip balm


I have wanted to try the colour reveal Barry M lipsticks that I kept hearing about.

Sadly they do not sell Barry M here and I did not see any other brands that sold anything similar until I found this in Sephora.

It is not a lipstick.  It is a lip balm that changes colour.  It goes on clear but then changes to pink once on your lips.  The shade of pink will depend on your body’s PH balance which means you get a shade of pink that compliments you.  I put on about 3 coats and it turned my lips a nice and noticeable but still natural looking shade of pink (I’ll describe it as a soft pink or nude pink).

imageIt is not the cheapest lip balm out there (it was €12.90). However, I’ll let it off as it is sort of a lip balm come lipstick, so you are getting two for the price of one.  Plus my lips do feel more moisturised (and softer) than it normally does with my Vaseline lip balm. So I probably would buy it again.

I’m hoping it lasts a while though as I intend to use it as a lipstick.  I’ve been searching for a nude pink for ages and this fits the bill perfectly!



Lip pencils

I have full lips, so I don’t need lip pencils to make my lips fuller.  I just wanted some because I think outlining your lips before adding lipstick gives you a better finished look.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune on these as I was getting a few, so I went with the Sephora own brand lip liners.  They were only €4.90 each.  I bought 3 in the following shades

image20 – real red








image17- funky fuchsia








image14 – radiant rosy










I’m trying to get out of my black eyeliner comfort zone.  I’ve heard that white eyeliner on your water line, is a great way of opening up your eyes and making your pupils look lighter.

So of course I wanted to try it out to see if this was true.  The eyeliners were next to the lip liners , so it’d be rude not to pick one up as I was already there.

I picked up a Sephora white eye liner in 03  pure white.  I think it was also the same price as the lip liner.


Discount card

I also picked up a Sephora discount card whilst I was there.  It’s free..all it takes is a few mins of your time filling out a form.  If you spend over €150, you get 25% off your purchase with the discount card or 10% off for purchases under €150.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.


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