4 Simple goals (before 2013) – How’d I do

So earlier in the year, I decided that I would do the 4 simple goals challenge.  You can read about the goals I wanted to achieve in this post.

So how did I do?  Well the answer to that is I didn’t fail but I didn’t really 100% achieve any of them either.

Eat more fruits and nuts

For a while this goal was going well.  I started taking fruits and nuts with me to work to snack on.  I also started added seeds and nuts to my bran flakes or muesli at breakfast.  However, I reached a stalemate.  I was buying all the same fruit and because nuts can be so expensive, I was constantly buying the same ones.  So I didn’t get the variety that I was hoping to achieve.  The bright side is that yes, I am  eating more fruits and nuts.  The down side is that it’s not as much variety as I’d have liked.

Learn French

Well this proved to be harder than I thought it would be.  It was so hard to find time to sit and actively try to learn.  My understanding has gotten better because I hear it all the time but my reading and speaking have not improved.  I am carrying forward this goal to 2013 and making it a year-long goal.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Namely the Busuu website and local language classes that I am hoping to enrol in for the Spring semester.  This year I will take learning the language more seriously.

Exercise more

I started exercising more….just not as much as I’d hoped.  To be honest, December was a write off for exercise because of all the socialising.  The only exercise I got was my walk to and from work.  So this is a goal that I will also be carrying forward to 2013.

Read more

Well I read.  However, there weren’t many books of leisure.  It was mainly related to my profession and keeping my knowledge up to date.  So again, I shall attempt to read more in 2013.  I might set myself the task of reading a book a month or something.  I think I need to do this.  I need to make time to do something that I enjoy and that will bring me pleasure.



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