Simple snood

I thought I’d share this pattern for a snood I made for my mom.  She saw the one I made for myself and liked it, so I promised that I’d make her one for Christmas.


It is a very simple pattern.  I think as long as you know the basic knitting stitches you’ll be able to make it.


– 12 mm circular needles

– 200g chunky yarn


– Cast on 96 stitches (for one the same length as this).  This won’t double up comfortably around your neck.  If you want it to do that, then I’d suggest casting on about 130 stitches

– Knit 1 followed by purl 1 and keep repeating this on all the rows until the scarf is the desired width.

– Cast off.

To see how to join the stitches when casting on, knitting, purling and casting off, watch this video from my favourite knitting youtube guru iKNITS.


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