What i’m knitting

I haven’t knitted for a while.  However, winter is coming up and it’s got me thinking about all things warm and cosy.  This means the knitting needles are out again hooray!!

I bought a set of circular needles off  Ebay  a while ago.  I haven’t used them yet so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see how I got on with them.

I am making a snood.  It’s my first attempt knitting on the round and my first attempt at using these needles.  There was a bit of mishap with the first pattern I tried.  I sort of twisted it whilst knitting and had to start over again.  So now I’ve gotten the hang and I’m currently knitting the GAP cowl.  For the pattern, watch this video from iKNITS.  She’s very good if you’re a beginner.

This pattern is super easy to follow and it also gives me a chance to practice my purl as well.  I’m still in the process of making it, so I haven’t taken a photo but I will update this post with a photo of the finished product.

I promised i’d update this post with the finished scarf and here it is.  I kind of messed up the pattern at the top, but I actually quite like how it turned out.



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