4 Simple goals (before 2013)

I just came across this on a friend’s blog and I thought it was an amazing idea and one that I would try myself.  She got the idea from A beautiful mess (you can read the rules there).

So here are my goals.  I think I can do it but i’ll let you know how I get on at the beginning of next year.

Eat more fruits and nuts

Paleo Recipe Book review, diet, Paleo recipe book

I wouldn’t say I have an unhealthy diet.  I eat a lot of vegetables, don’t eat much junk food apart from the odd treat and usually make my meals from scratch.  My fruit and nut consumption is almost non-existent though and that is something I feel I should work on.  I know fruits and nuts are good for you but for some reason whenever I’m food shopping it always slips my mind to get some and when I do, I forget to eat it.  Hopefully setting myself this goal will mean I will get into the habit of eating it and it’ll become second nature.

Learn French

French flag

This isn’t a new goal.  I have been doing lessons but the motivation has been a bit sparse lately.  I really want to learn and hopefully having some sort of deadline and a reward at the end will motivate me to keep at it.

Exercise more


I wouldn’t class myself as being a total couch potato but I could do with a bit more exercise.  At the moment the majority of my exercise consists of walking to and from that work (not great as I only live a 10 min walk!).

Read more

When I was growing up, I used to love reading.  These days I seem to have let that slip and now spend my time surfing the web or watching rubbish TV.  I want to get back to the good old days when all I needed to entertain me was a good book and my imagination.


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