Aztec nails

I saw this tutorial on youtube and decided it looked awesome and I should try it.  I know my limits so I wasn’t expecting mine to be near as good as hers.  So I didn’t even attempt to do her fancy design.

I did a simple pattern by drawing 2 black lines on my nail leaving a small gap in the middle of them.  Then I just drew little chevrons in the gap.  I then did one line of polka dots along the outside edge of each line.

This is what mine looked like once I was done.  Not bad for a first attempt!

What you’ll need to do this

– cuticle oil (I always put some cuticle oil on before painting my nails to keep them in good condition)

– base coat

– main nail varnish colour you wish to paint your nails (I used a terracotta shade).  I would recommend using something that isn’t a dark shade (so no deep purples, dark blues etc.) as it may not show up the design as well.

– black or dark brown nail varnish

– dotting tool (or if you doing have it a toothpick, bobby pin or make your own)

– thin nail brush to do the lines (you could probably use a toothpick to do the chevrons and the 2 lines down the nail)

– top coat to finish off

Oh and it goes without saying that you need to let your nails dry enough before you attempt to draw on the design or it will be ruined.


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