My birthday

It was my 29th yesterday and my friends made sure I had a really good day.

It was 34 degrees (I think) yesterday, so a friend and I went to Syrdall Schwemm. It’s a leisure centre that has an outdoor/ indoor pool and lots of lawn area to sit outside and sun bathe.  So we spent a few hours there just chatting, sun bathing, having a go on the slide and then headed home.

Then we went out for drinks.  I had cocktails, I had shots, I had beer.  It was a good night indeed!

Check out the presents my friends got me and my present from me to me :).

They got me a nail art kit for my first present.  So now I can do cool arty designs on my nails yay!

They also got me this lovely Ice watch.  It’s from the pastel shades and is the one I wanted.  They know me so well!

This was my random gift.  My friend literally bought all the roses that this guy was selling in one of the bars we were in.  They currently have pride of place on my coffee table.  It was a mission trying not to lose any though as they were all wrapped individually.  My handbag looked like it was growing flowers haha!

This was my present from me to me.  I wanted a really nice dressy watch, so I decided to treat myself to this lovely Michael Kors number.


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