Let’s eat some Jamaican food!

My friends have been pestering me for ages to make some Jamaican food for them. So today I decided that I’d grant their wish and do some…..nothing to do with the fact I was missing some Jamaican food haha!  For those who don’t know, I am originally from Jamaica so that is the food that I eat when i’m home or can be bothered.  Plus the ingredients aren’t exactly cheap or easy to come by when you don’t live in a country with a small to non-existent caribbean population.

So after sourcing all the ingredients i’d need or the substitutes where it was just impossible to find what i needed, I decided on a menu of rice and peas, jerk chicken and curried chicken.

I would write out the ingredients here but it’d be a long post and I know that there are a few good recipes online that in my opinion give a pretty good result.  They’re not exactly how i’d make it as my ingredients list changes based on what I have in. I am also rubbish at sticking to measurements.  I just go by eye measurements as I’ve seen these things cooked enough times to know rough amounts that i’ll need to make what I want.

So if you fancy something different here are the recipes for the stuff I cooked.  All of them should be fairly straight forward.

Jerk sauce – You can of course buy from the store but I prefer making my own.  Also, this sauce can be used on chicken, beef, pork or fish.  So don’t think just because you’ve only really heard of jerk chicken that’s the only way you can use this sauce once you make it.

Jerk chicken –  Just substitute your home-made sauce for the one mentioned in this recipe and don’t pour any sauce over once cooked.   You don’t need it!

Curry chicken – I know this recipe says Jamaican curry powder but madras or turmeric powder will work just the same if you can’t get hold of Jamaican curry powder.

Jamaican stew beef – there are a few things on this ingredients list I wouldn’t use because that’s not how my mom makes it, but it is a good recipe.


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