Home made moisturising hair spritz

This is a modification of a recipe I saw on youtube by a user called fgrogan.

For my version you will need the following ingredients:

– pure aloe vera gel

– 100% rose water

– 100% pure vegetable glycerine

– spray bottle to pour mixture in

Pour the rose water into the spray bottle.

Next add the glycerine into the bottle.  If you’re using a 100 ml bottle of this, you’ll only need about 25 ml.  You can of course add more if you want.

Put about the same amount of aloe vera gel into the bottle and shake well.

That’s it!  You now have your very own moisturising spritz.  Spray a little (or a lot!) of this on when you blowdry and your hair will be nice and soft after.  It works even better if you follow with some Argan oil.

If you don’t have rose water to hand don’t worry!  You can still make this.  I have run out of rose water and i’m too lazy to try and hunt this down so i’ll be using what I have to hand.  Next time i’ll be using:

– bottled water

– lavender oil

– aloe vera gel

– vegetable glycerine

The steps will stay the same as before to make it.  I am hoping that this will turn out just as good as the first batch I made with the rose water.

Or if you really want to stick to the ingredients in the first one, then E-bay is your friend!  It shouldn’t cost much to buy all you need from there.


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