Mondorf Les Bains

It was a public holiday here last Thursday, so the girls and i decided that we needed to do something with this day off.  Something that we don’t do all the time.  With this in mind, one of the girls suggested that we should do a spa day.

There is this spa that is in Luxembourg in this town called Mondorf.  It’s called Mondorf Les Bains (3 guesses for where that name came from).  Now this is a weird spa in that if you go here, you can say that you have technically being in two countries.  It is on the border with France and I think that some of the buildings are actually in France.  So you could literally have a foot in Luxembourg and a foot in France.

You can pay for a day pass which costs around 32 euros and allows you access to all the facilities.  However, we decided not to do that as we knew we wouldn’t be using the sauna.  No way were we planning on getting naked!  So we just paid to use the thermal baths.

I have to say this was the most amazing day out ever.  I felt so relaxed after and it is definitely an event we’ll be doing again.  It truly felt like we were on holiday and is somewhere I intend to take all my friends that come to visit.


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