How I look after my hair

A lot of people have been complimenting me on my hair recently. I’ve always had healthy hair but after suffering really bad breakage and doing a big chop, I decided to do some research and do more to keep my hair in good shape.

As I’ve been getting compliments and questions from my friends, I thought I’d share my secrets.  I will caveat this by saying that I have Afro Caribbean hair.  Anyone who knows about Afro hair will know that it loses moisture easily and can therefore break easily and look dry.  So my hair care is centred around putting back moisture into my hair, thus reducing split ends and breakage.

So all these steps may not be relevant to you.  Just pick the bits that you feel are appropriate.  I will break this down into my everyday and weekly routine.



You can buy moisturising hair products for this.  However I don’t because I find that some products leave my hair really greasy.  So I simple spray my hair with water.  Not to the point where it is soaking wet but enough so it has some moisture.

However, if you feel you need more than just water, I have heard good things about S-curl no drip activator moisturizer and Organic root stimulator oil moisturizing hair lotion or you could always make your own.


To seal the moisture into your hair, you need to put an oil on top after moisturising.  This is why I only use water as putting an oil based moisturiser and then oil on top could leave your hair feeling a bit greasy.  Any oil will do.  At the moment I’m using heat protectant and glossing oil but I am going to invest in some argan or Moroccan oil as I’ve heard good things about those.  You could also just use olive oil.


At night, I wrap my hair using a satin head scarf.  You could also use a silk head scarf or use satin or silk pillows.  I do this to avoid my hair rubbing on the pillow and breaking as I sleep.



For those who are wondering what the hell this is?  Pre-poo is a pre wash day treatment.  It revitalises the hair by giving it extra moisture.  For this, I simply spray my hair with water until it’s damp.  Once it’s damp, I apply honey (no it does not leave your hair sticky.  In fact there is not stickiness to it.  It washes out as normal) Olive oil and leave it for an hour or so.  You could use whatever mixture you like (as long as it’s good for your hair it doesn’t have to be honey).  You can also leave it in over night.

Every two weeks, I substitute my honey pre-poo for a hot oil treatment.  I do the same things but just with a hot oil.  You could probably make your own hot oil treatment, but I just use store bought.


Well I guess everyone knows how to shampoo, so there really isn’t much I could add for this.  The only things I do differently from most people are the fact that I use a sulphate free shampoo and because of my hair type, I only need to wash once per week.  Apart from that, I wash my hair the same as everyone else.

Deep condition

I don’t just condition, I deep condition.  For those who aren’t sure what the difference is, a condition is where you leave it on for the recommended time on the bottle.  A deep condition is where you leave it on for say an hour or more.  You can either use a special conditioner designed for deep conditioning (in which case you’d just go with the instructions on the bottle) or leave your regular conditioner on for longer.  Again, you could make your own.  YouTube should provide you with lots of ideas for this.

Once a month, I will use a deep condition protein treatment in place of my conditioner.  The reason I only use this once a month is because if you use too often then a protein treatment can actually have the opposite effect and start damaging your hair.  If done correctly, then a protein treatment is a great way to keep your hair in good condition and keep the hair strong.

Leave in condition

I always apply a leaving conditioner.  At the moment I use a store bought leave in conditioner, but when that runs out I am planning to make my own.  Again this is something you can find out how to do from places like YouTube or with a Google search.

Air dry and straighten

As much as possible, I try to air dry my hair.  I only blow dry if I’m in a rush.  If I blow dry, I always use heat protectant.

Before straightening, I apply more heat protectant to my hair.  To avoid using excess heat on my hair, I only straighten once per week.  The rest of the time, wrapping my hair keeps it straight.

I’m not going to lie and say this is a quick process.  However, I think if you want nice hair, it’s a process that needs to be done.  If you usually go out on a saturday then you could always do it on a friday night.  That is what I usually do.


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