My version of the potato chip scarf

I thought I’d share what I had on the go at the moment.  It’s a potato chip scarf.  I used the pattern from the sapphiresnpurls blog and modified it a little bit.

For this scarf I cast on 30 stitches as I wanted it thicker than the one she did but the pattern is the same.  Again I have underestimated the yarn and I will need to buy another ball to actually finish this.  I’m hoping that I can get to the craft shop to get some yarn for this and my ruffle scarf tomorrow.  I really want to get those two done because there is another pattern I want to try out as I feel I should try things that require me to use the purl stitch.

Once I’ve done a few with the purl stitch, I think I will attempt to cable knit and see how I get on with that.  I’ve seen a gorgeous pattern for a cable knit hat and I want to have a go at making it at some point.

So anyway here’s a photo of my potato chip scarf as it currently stands


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