What I did with my December

December consisted mainly of me being on holiday…..holiday that was much needed!  I went back to Jamaica after many years and it was amazing to say the least.  I caught up with old family, met the new and got to enjoy a lot of Jamaica.

It was basically a 3 week holiday of eating, beaches and family.  Being there made me realise two things, 1) how much I miss the island and 2) how much I miss having my family around me all the time.  I know everyone is biased towards family, but honestly my family is the best!  They give the hugs, laughs and love like no other!  I cannot wait to go back and see them.

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Before I sign off, a few tips for anyone going to Jamaica:

1) If you intend to use your bank card at the ATM there, make sure you check that your card actually works.  I didn’t and realised that when I tried to withdraw cash.  Lucky for me, I’d taken a second card just in case.

2) The party scene is quite good.  I didn’t see much, but what I saw made me love it!  I went to I love soca and big cups.  If you are there for these, you should definitely check them out!

3) If you don’t want to spend all your time in one place, just book your ticket on the Knutsford express and you could spend a few days in Kingston or Negril if you fancy.

Christmas is a time of giving

I know we have only entered into November, but I thought whilst we start gearing up and prepping our lists for Santa, your friends, family or significant other, why not add someone else to that list?! Why not add the world at large?!

We often spend hundreds on our nearest and dearest during this time. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that (I do it too!).

I just want to ask everyone to take a moment to think about those that may be less fortunate and may not have the same opportunities we do. Let’s try and do something to make their lives a bit more enjoyable, by reminding them that their are people out there who care!

Let’s do something, not because we are obliged to, but because we can!

Do something charitable this Christmas period. Your small act of charity could change a life forever!

This is what I’ve chosen to do….


Shoe haul!

Winter is coming, which means boots season is almost upon us. I like boot season. Throw on some tights, a jumper dress and some boots and you are good to go!

I already have a decent collection of winter boots, so I haven’t bought many so far. I only picked these two pairs up on my last trip to Primark.



I have also wanted a pair of white converse chucks for a while now. My friend had mentioned that she wanted to go to the Zweibrucken outlet in Germany, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try and procure a pair.

Sadly, I didn’t see the ones I wanted, but I did get a few that caught my eye in the shop. I have super small feet, so it meant I could take advantage of the kids section which I where I found these. This also meant that I got them a lot cheaper than I would have in the adult section….result!